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The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit – A Gift

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit: Creating a Life You Love on Your Own Terms Through Holistic Health, Confidence and Joy is an event you can register for now. I'll be speaking January 26 about intuition for your life and business. This video series is delivered to your inbox! Easy!

Libra Gals: The Harmonizers

No matter where she is or where she goes, she’s bound to attract a crowd — but not because she’s particularly loud or attention-seeking. People naturally gravitate to her because when they are in her presence they feel seen. She’s a Libra lady, and people can’t get enough of her!

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A Meditation for Stress

Meditation is by far the best solution I've found for stress relief -- even if you just take five minutes a day to get centered! Not sure how to get started? Join me for a quick guided meditation where I will walk you through a simple technique I use in my own meditation practice.

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Spirit Talks

Spirit Talks is a monthly group gathering where I work with my spirit guides for guidance, insight, and information to be shared with the group as a whole. Join my e-list for access!

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