Ask Me Anything, #2, November, 2018

Ask Me Anything #2, Lisa Rose answers questions about soul purpose, spirit guides, psychics, intuition, meditation, getting unstuck, learning to trust your intuitive guidance, and working with pendulums.

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Love Your Body Love Your Life Radio Show with Jenna Lobos, & Guest, Lisa Rose

Love Your Body Love Your Life Radio Show with Jenna Lobos & guest, Lisa Rose, Thursday, October 18, 3:00 pm PT on W4WN [...]

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The Healing Energy of Art, A Conversation with Deborah Barr, Oct. 3, 2018

Join us for The Healing Energy of Art, a conversation about art in the content of the MeToo Movement.

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Create a Life You Love, Free Webinar

Create A Life You Love with Your Soul as Your Pilot and Intuition as Your Guide.

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Ask Me Anything! Monthly Webinars

Ask Me Anything! is a free monthly webinar for you to ask me questions about intuition, meditation, spirit guides, soul work, the Akashic Records, meditation, manifesting, creating a life you love, or anything else you'd like to ask related to Truly Living!

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Spirit Talks

Spirit Talks is a monthly group gathering where I work with my spirit guides for guidance, insight, and information to be shared with the group as a whole. Join me!

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How Music May Help You Hear Your Spirit Guides

Music listening may help you connect with your spirit guides more easily by training you to feel a variety of vibrations and frequencies in the form of sound that may be applied later when working directly with your spirit guides.

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How to Attune a Deck of Cards for Divination

An easy step-by-step lesson on how to attune a deck of cards for divination before working with the cards as a tool for intuitive guidance.

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Reiki and Wishing Bowls for Mystical Ceremonies

Reiki and Wishing Bowls was the topic of conversation in my first interview with Jenny Berg, a writer for Vogue, who authored an article on modern mystical weddings. Read it here!

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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides will help make your life easier, it will give you comfort, and confidence to make better choices in creating a life you love. Learn how to connect with your guides in my new online course.

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