Awaken your natural intuition, learn to trust it and understand how to use it to guide your everyday life or business.

Do you ever get the feeling that you should pick up the phone and call someone?

Or say yes to an opportunity?

Or that you should wait a little while before you make a decision?

That’s your intuition.  Everybody has it.  Your body is your intuitive instrument.  Some people know and trust their intuitive abilities, but many more have no idea how to believe, trust, and act on their intuitive guidance.  I can help!  I’m an expert!  Years ago, I figured out how to work with my intuition and let it guide me as I created a life I love.  So, I know it works.  I’ve been teaching intuition development for years, and love helping women learn how to use their intuition!  In this course, I share everything I know about awakening and developing your intuition.

Learning to use your intuition will make your life easier.

Intuition helps you gain confidence and trust in yourself and your decisions by delivering guidance to you through your physical and intuitive senses.  Your intuition will also steer you away from people or situations that aren’t best for you now.

When you awaken your intuition, you’ll:

  • Make decisions with greater confidence and speed.
  • Experience less worry, anxiety, and fear.
  • Know how to identify and avoid negative situations—before the drama.
  • Connect deeply with yourself, and quiet your inner critic.
  • Read the energy of people, places, and situations quickly.
  • Believe, trust, and act on your intuitive guidance.
  • Create a life you love.

This online class, based on my successful workshop, provides instant results.

I’ve been teaching intuition development workshops in person for years, and I created this online course in a way that captures the essence of those workshops.  In this course, you will awaken your natural intuition, learn to trust it, and understand how to use it to guide your everyday life or business.  You’ll:

  • Learn practical skills.
  • See results almost immediately.
  • Be amazed at how easy it is to implement this step-by-step process in your own life.

What you’ll learn in this course:

Module 1

  • Introduction to intuition.
  • How intuition makes life easier.
  • What to expect during the course, and after learning to trust your intuition.

Module 2

  • Learn about intuitive senses.
  • Discover which of your intuitive senses are already awakened and trying to deliver guidance to you.
  • Experience receiving intuitive guidance.

Module 3

  • Learn intuition basics.
  • Understand how your body works as your intuitive instrument, and why it’s important to care for it.
  • How to keep your intuitive channel clear to receive accurate guidance.
  • Experience your body as your intuitive instrument.

A peek inside the course at Module 3.  In this module, there is a video lesson, and a video demonstration of a technique I teach to help you determine a true yes and no.  Included is a pdf to support your learning.

© Lisa Rose Lodeski

Module 4

  • Learn to unblock your intuition.
  • Raise your vibration.
  • Become a clear and open channel for intuition by getting grounded.
  • Understand why intuition kicks in when you’re grounded.

Module 5

  • Learn meditation as a tool for intuition development.
  • Experience a guided meditation to quiet your busy mind.
  • How meditation may benefit you in addition to intuition.

Module 6

  • Understand the meaning of intuitive signs and symbols.
  • Develop your intuitive language of signs, symbols, metaphors.
  • How to clarify and refine your signs and symbols.

Here’s a look at a lesson inside Module 6; notice that pdfs, guided meditations, and audio versions of the lessons are all downloadable so you can take them with you for easy listening.

© Lisa Rose Lodeski

Module 7

  • Understand the difference between intuition and thoughts.
  • Synchronicity and how it serves as confirmation of intuition.
  • How intuition steers you away from negative experience.
  • Experience tracking intuition with synchronicity and confirmation.

Module 8

  • Learn about energy and how clearing energy helps intuition.
  • How decluttering unlocks your intuitive channel.
  • Why forgiveness helps your intuition.
  • Discover the 3 levels of forgiveness.
  • Experience letting go of your old story and creating a new one.

Module 9

  • Why self-love and care are required for clear intuition
  • How to replenish yourself daily.
  • using your sacred no for self care.
  • how to practice your intuition.
  • Experience intuitive scanning.

Module 10

  • Protecting yourself from negative energy.
  • How to disconnect and clear from negative energy.
  • How to avoid negative energy.

Module 11

  • Learn how to craft questions for intuitive inquiry.
  • Best way to ask a questions for more accurate guidance.
  • Pro’s and con’s of yes and no questions.
  • Open-ended questions for quality.
  • Experience how to craft questions
  • Create a process that results in clear guidance.

Module 12

  • Learn the importance of intention and creating space for intuition.
  • How to open and close an intuition session.
  • Understanding the ethics of being an intuitive.
  • Experience living life in the flow.

Buy this course if you want to:

Understand how to use your intuition to gather information and guidance that will help you make better decisions.

Relieve stress, anxiety, and fear by using intuition as your guide to align your life with what you truly desire.

Open yourself up to possibility.

Gain confidence and trust in yourself and your intuition.

You want to experience more happiness.

Get unstuck.

Be able to quickly read the energy in a room.

Feel confident making quick decisions in high pressure situations

Know you have guidance whenever you need it.

“How long have you known that you’re intuitive, Lisa?”

That question is asked of me a lot!  The answer is, since I was a child.  I recall days in grade school when I knew about events before they happened.  That continued through high school.  I used my intuition to navigate choices and decisions, and listened to my body when it created signs that I was headed in the wrong direction or in danger.  Practical choices I made were changed quickly once I realized there was something was amiss.  My intuition guided me to better choices that were more in alignment with who I am and what I want.  My intuition also led me to:

  • End a long-term relationship right after a job interview when I felt that I had just met the person I would marry.
  • Change majors in college during my senior year when I took an elective class that felt like home.
  • Quit my job and move across the country when an opportunity presented itself to do so.
  • Graduate school and acceptance into the first program of my choice.
  • Create my own job rather than look for employment.
  • Find parking spaces in crowded lots in the front row.  This happens all the time.
  • Know when to walk away.
  • Know the results of medical tests before the lab report.
  • Quickly determine if a dark alley was safe or not safe to walk down alone.
  • Experience less stress by knowing signs and symbols will come to guide me.
  • Understand that the Universe often has something better planned for me than I do, and my intuition can guide me to it.

When you register for this course, you’ll receive:

  • 12 video modules
  • 6 worksheets to support your intuition development.
  • 3 guided meditations in audio mp3 format to help you access your intuition using a variety of intuitive techniques.

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About your teacher

Lisa Rose is an Intuitive Life Coach helping spiritual and creative women on a quest for change at mid-life.  Her clients are women who want to create a life they love guided by intuition with their soul in the driver’s seat.  Lisa is also a Teacher, Reiki Master, and Soul Realignment Practitioner.

“I believe everyone is intuitive. You are the curator of your own contentment. Happiness is a natural state of being. Love is the way to go. Intention creates motion. There is more, far more, available to us from the universe than what is experienced by our physical senses. Opening up your sixth sense will open up your life. The great pilot is the Soul.” – Lisa Rose

Course Content

  • Introduction to Awaken Your Natural Intuition
  • The Sixth Sense & Your Intuitive Senses
  • Believe, Trust, Balance, and Body Talk
  • Keep Your Vibe High & Get Grounded
  • Breath & Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

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