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Aries Gals, The Trailblazers!

Confident, passionate, and fiercely independent; that's an Aries gal for you! Aries gals are the trailblazers! Authentic, radiant, independent, energetic, and seductive, Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and their season is March 21 - April 19. Having a party? Get an Aries Lady on the list!

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Spirit Talks

Spirit Talks is a monthly group gathering where I work with my spirit guides for guidance, insight, and information to be shared with the group as a whole. Join me!

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Ask Me Anything! Monthly Webinars

Ask Me Anything! is a free monthly webinar for you to ask me questions about intuition, meditation, spirit guides, soul work, the Akashic Records, meditation, manifesting, creating a life you love, or anything else you'd like to ask related to Truly Living!

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Learn to Meditate with Lisa Rose, E-Book

Meditation is easy once you discover a meditation method that works best for you. Learn to Meditate E-Book is tour through a variety of meditation methods and techniques to help you quickly discover one that is best for you so you begin to enjoy the benefits of meditation right away.

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