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Here’s the video replay of November’s Ask Me Anything Webinar.

In this episode, I answer questions about:

Soul purpose.

How to deepen a meditation practice.

How to know the difference between guidance from your spirit guides and angels and that of your thinking mind, inner voice or subconscious.

How to get unstuck in your life.

Should psychics be talking to their guides or your’s in a session?

Why do psychics sometimes get it so wrong?

How to tap into your intuition and learn to listen to it better.

What is the role of pendulums in self-intuitive or self-healing work, and does the use of pendulums weaken trust in oneself?

Why does our intuition feel right but sometimes when we follow it, what we are trying to manifest doesn’t work out?

The next Ask Me Anything webinar on December 6, 4 pm PT (Pacific).

Love & Light!

Lisa Rose