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Aries Gals, The Trailblazers!

Confident, passionate, and fiercely independent; that’s an Aries gal for you!

Born between the twenty-first of March and the nineteenth of April, Aries gals are a force to be reckoned with. Ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and desire, Aries sits in the first house on the wheel of the Zodiac and, fittingly, they are the trailblazers of the signs and strive to be #1 at all they set their minds to. The Aries ram represents power, leadership and perseverance, and its birthstone, the diamond, is a symbol of perfection, aptly referred to as “the stone of invincibility”.


Governed by the element of Fire, these radiant rams are Alphas with a capital A. Tremendously bold, charismatic, and wildly spontaneous, they are bound to light up any room they walk into with their dazzling smiles and infectious laughter. Their natural gift of gab makes them alluring and engaging conversationalists, and their infinite vibrant energy is nothing short of magnetic to be around.

Not surprisingly, Aries gals are known to be the life of the party, and how they revel in being in the limelight! They intuitively gravitate towards excitement, and where there is none, you can leave it to an Aries gal to create some memorable thrills herself.

Never afraid to try something new and different, these free spirits thrive on adventure and unique experiences, and are ever on the hunt for the fresh, exotic, eccentric, or otherwise unusual. New cuisine? Yes, please. Avant garde theater? Front row seats. Vacation in a foreign country? Already packing!

Aries gals are incredibly ambitious and action oriented.  They know exactly what they want and are determined to do just about anything they can to get it. While they may be known to be a bit (and by a bit I mean very) competitive, they are above all else honest, authentic and genuine.  These ladies are not the type to cheat or throw someone under the bus for their own gain. And while there is little they detest more than a delay or set back, they are also extremely resilient, dusting themselves off with grace when they fall and courageously taking obstacles as challenges rather than failures.

In a Relationship

Is it getting hot in here?

Aries gals sizzle with fiery passion and delight in the art of flirtation and seduction. These spicy temptresses also love to be in control, so they are often the ones to make the first move and usually end up in the dominant role in a relationship.

But an Aries gal won’t waste her time with just anyone; she needs a partner who will be able to keep up with her, both intellectually and in the bedroom, otherwise she will likely get bored and move on.  Trust is a key value, even in unconventional relationships.  These ladies won’t tolerate lies.  Equality in a relationship is also crucial, and this goes for friendships too.  These ladies have no tolerance for being spoken down to or disrespected, and will have no problem leaving someone who tries to step on their toes or treats them as an inferior.

That said, as long as her partner is willing and able to keep things interesting and respects her desire for freedom and doing things on her own, she will be unwaveringly loyal to the very end.

In the Bedroom

Aries ladies don’t linger in foreplay and will likely be the first to say, f*ck me, when it gets hot in the bedroom, elevator, hallway, in the front-seat, when the lights go out, or while leaning in to whisper in your ear at a cocktail party.  She mirrors your desires intuitively being submissive or dominant, sometimes all at the same time.

You wanna peg?  This sign won’t flinch.  After the afterglow, she’ll pack up the toys before adjusting her halo.  Aries will tear your clothes off and start moaning as she licks a path into your heart while climbing on top to drive you crazy with lust.  She’s demanding and intoxicating and will leave you walking into walls wondering how soon you can get some more of that! Don’t be surprised if your wide-open-for-new-thrills Aries suggests a menage-a-trois or an open affair to ignite a fire between you.  If she finds you boring in the bedroom, she’ll find another one or two lovers to satisfy her before letting you go.  Fear not, you’ll be welcomed back with your new bag of tricks.  Aries ladies orgasm with every sense in their body.  Like a lit match, she’ll light up your game and ruin you for others not up to this level of play.  Lucky you!


Aries are hard workers, enthusiastic, and high achievers, if their heart is in the work that they are doing. Ever brimming with new ideas, an Aries gal is happiest and most productive when she is able to utilize and embrace her creativity and talents.  Otherwise, she feels stifled and loses interest quickly. Ideally, she will be the boss of the company she works for, or better yet, take an entrepreneurial route and be her own boss.  Aries get bored so quickly, that they tend to start projects and not finish them before running with the next great idea.  They tend to prefer creative roles that don’t require them to perform the same tasks daily. Extremely generous and big givers, Aries women often find themselves surrounded by seekers looking for advice, counsel, or tips.  The disingenuous, however, are quickly kicked to the curb.  Because Aries women have warrior spirits, they understand the value of peace and will go to great lengths, including taking a lot of crap, to solve interpersonal relationship trouble to keep the peace or at least come to a peaceful ending.  If you do them wrong, they’ll burn everything down and walk away without looking back.  Red is one of their favorite colors.

Aries gals are also known to be natural born leaders. They have an innate ability to spark and fan inspiration in others, which make them fantastic motivational speakers or coaches.

How to Identify An Aries






Celebrity Aries Gals

Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga, Billie Holiday, Maya Angelou, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dianna Ross, Peyton List, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Reese Witherspoon, Chaka Khan.

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