© Lisa Rose Lodeski, Samos, Greece, 2009.

Are you tethered to drama?

Drama and chaos in your life are often the result of people tethering themselves to you.  Or vice-versa (self-created drama!).  I often explain how to deal with this type of situation in my workshops using a boat as a metaphor.

What happens when someone’s boat starts rocking and it’s tethered to your boat?  Your boat starts rocking! You may rock harder and faster than the other boat just from the force of their motion.  What do you do?

Dissolve the cords!

Keep your boat calm and floating.  Move in the direction that takes you forward on your journey in life. If you allow someone to tether to you, when their boat is in flux so is yours, and vice-versa.  Is your boat in balance? Are you moving in the direction you want to go in?  If not, ask yourself who has tethered to you.  Have you tethered to someone that’s keeping you from moving forward?  The key is to drive your own boat while letting others drive theirs.  The mistake is tethering your boat to someone else’s or allowing them to tether to yours.

The easiest way to eliminate drama from your life is to simply withdraw your energy from that which is causing you drama and chaos.

No showdown.  No shouting match.  Just a simple withdrawal of energy, activity, attention, and an avoidance of getting sucked into a whirlpool of drama.

If you’re feeling slimed by negative energy, I suggest an energy clearing with an energy worker.  Energy workers can disconnect energetic cords by dissolving them so there is no longer an energetic attachment.  Reiki works well for this, as do other alternative methods. I offer energy clearings and dissolving cords as a service and my clients report that it works well.  Afterward, follow your feelings.  Your physical and emotional bodies will send a signal to you when someone is trying to tether to you again.  Or, when you have tethered yourself to someone else.  Lots of times we tether ourselves out of concern, but that attachment is not a good thing.

The ideal situation is to be compassionate without attachment.

The next time you feel like your in the middle of chaos and drama, ask yourself if your situation is self-created, or have you allowed someone to tether to you and shake you up with their drama.  Withdraw your attention and energy, and if that doesn’t seem to help, you may need to take it a step further with an energy clearing.

And, remember!  You are in control of your own boat!  Happy floating!