Welcome to my Affiliates!  Here you will find products and services that I love and use myself and am happy to recommend to you!  When you make a purchase through one of my affiliates links, I may earn a small commission from the affiliate.

Check back here often as I add new discoveries to my affiliate list of favorites!

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ConvertKit has made a huge difference in my life and biz!  I love the automation features of this email service provider.  I’m able to collect leads and tag subscribers so I deliver the type of content they’re interested in receiving.  As a result, my open rates jumped!  Great customer service and a free trial, too!


Acuity Scheduler

I love Acuity!  It’s a game changer.  My clients can schedule and change their own appointments easily.  It’s easy to navigate and the back-end has lots of options for a custom experience.  Customer support is fantastic! And it integrates with most of my third-party apps, too.  If you’re thinking about an adding an online scheduler, consider Acuity!  It was a game changer for me.

DIY Legal Templates by Lisa Fraley

Lisa is my go-to for legal docs for my business.  I love that she understands the spiritual and energetic aspects of being legally protected with the right language for website terms and conditions, privacy statements and disclaimers, contracts, agreements, and legal letters, all in plain English.  I saved thousands by purchasing her DIY legal templates, that come with easy audio instructions to fill out with my specifics.  I’ve joined her Legal Love™ Team, and am happy to be an affiliate!


Soul Realignment™

I can’t recommend Andrrea Hess’s professional Soul Realignment programs enough!  Her method is detailed and provides accurate guidance!  So say my many clients.  If you’re thinking about training in soul work, start here!