The power to transform your life is already within you.

I help people use their intuition to create change.

Do you ever hear a voice inside your head telling you something?

That’s your intuition. Learning to harness it is a skill that you can learn. I can teach you how to reach your Light through intuition, meditation and Soul work. You’re the curator of your own contentment.

Opening up your sixth sense will open up your life.

My gift is inspiring others to connect to their Light. There’s so much more to be experienced beyond what our physical senses offer us. And once you’re in touch with your Soul, you’ll be amazed how you can just flow into your life journey. It’s so rewarding to watch people become empowered as they rise up to the essence of who they are and begin to shed all the “shoulds” that they’ve been taught.

I teach practical skills, not insubstantial “woo-woo.”

My trainings will give you useful tools and actionable strategies that will help you connect to your intuition. Although this is a process, you will begin to see immediate results in the more intuitive ways you make decisions.

Intuitive, Reiki Master, and Soul Coach

We each take a different path, and I can help you in several ways. Although I realized I was an intuitive when I was eight years old, it wasn’t until I was trained and certified by Sonia Choquette that I fully was able to teach others to walk into their Souls. I’m also a Reiki Master, a Soul Coach, and a teacher who uses a variety of tools to help others step into their lives with Soul purpose. I do this with one-on-one private sessions, group training in workshops, blogs and vlogs, and sometimes a good ole Soul sista chat.

Are you ready to start truly living? Work with Me.