This beautiful, heart-shaped petal dropped onto my table at an enclosed restaurant today while I was having lunch in Megeve, France.  To me, it’s clearly a message of love from the heavens!  I’d been asking and waiting for a sign for something for sometime.  My lunch partner said “Where did THAT come from?  There’s no wind, and I don’t see any flowers around that color”.  One, perfect, heart shaped petal in bright red literally dropped from above and landed right in front of my hand.  “My spirit guides sent it”.  Of that, I’m sure.  Signs and symbols are subtle in the intuitive realms but ever-present.  There’s a sign out there for you, today, too!  Heighten your awareness and look for what might be a form of communication from your guides and the universe in ways that are subtle but attention grabbing.  Ask for a sign as guidance for a question or an issue or problem or situation you have or simply as comfort; one that you won’t easily miss.  Your sign may be lyrics of a song you hear as you drive home, a number that’s repeated in your daily life, a conversation overheard that seems to have direct meaning for you, a penny on the ground everywhere you go, a flower petal floating down from above to land directly in front of you.

At the end of lunch, the waitress left the bill.  $55.50.  Three fives, a repeated number.  That was sign number 2!  Same day.  OK, I’m listening, really listening now.  To figure out the meaning of numbers, I love to refer to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers App.  The triple fives indicate a major change is coming. Life is filled with changes so no need to worry or resist.  A major change, now that can be exciting! Maybe a prayer will be answered.  Maybe an opportunity is coming my way.  Maybe I’ll make a decision that is life changing.  Maybe someone is leaving my orbit to open up space for someone new.  I’m keeping my senses open and aware for the next sign.  The purpose of signs and symbols is to gently nudge you in a particular direction.  One that’s right for you, right now.  Opportunities you may otherwise miss without a sign, become visible with one.  With practice, you’ll be able to ask for signs, receive them and interpret them clearly so you may make decisions and take some action that makes your life the best it can be.

Have you noticed subtle signs and symbols present in your life lately?  What are they?  Leave a comment for me below; I’d love to hear about your experience!