12 Ways To Cure An Election Hangover

Let’s just say I didn’t vote for him. Last week left me with an Election Hangover!  I experienced shock, disbelief, sorrow & anger, and acceptance, all the components of grief.  I spent a little more time in the disbelief and sorrow stages.  Like other hangovers, there really isn’t a cure.  Time and self-care are the best healers.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to say about this Election.  Everything I’d say has pretty much been said already, so I’m offering something different.  I’m offering 12 Ways To Beat The Election Hangover, the no-alcohol version.

It’s important to move to the next step in your life, and keep it positive. That doesn’t mean abandoning your beliefs or stopping the fight for what’s right in your heart. But it is time to take a step forward.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to move forward positively after a disappointing election.  Hey, we’ve been here before, and one thing about politics is that it is never over, so wherever you might be stuck, let go for a minute, and grab onto one of these suggestions.  I know you’ll find something here to help you!

Get Creative!

Why? Often, great art is created during times of change and transition. Write, draw, paint, compose music, lyrics, and poetry, sew, make films & videos, create jewelry, design clothes, organize your living space in new ways, take photographs, dance, plant a garden, change the colors on your walls, create a vision board, design your man-cave or woman-cave!  Find constructive ways to express yourself.

Plan That Getaway!

Why? Why not?! If you’ve been feeling like a new country might be interesting for a few years, don’t feel guilty about it, make a move. Represent us abroad. Explore. Travel is the great teacher. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this might be it. Maybe you’ve been putting off a vacation, buy the tickets!


Why? Meditation is a tonic to quiet your busy mind-chatter. It helps you to reconnect to your true self. It’s grounding, calming, and releases anxiety, stress, and fear. You’ll benefit from just a few minutes a day.  Click below to get my free pdf,

7 Easy Steps to Begin a Meditation Practice

Offer To Help Or Volunteer!

Why? Because all we have is each other on this planet, folks. If you see someone who needs help, offer to help. Hate crimes are up, bullying is up, entitlement is up, voluntary ignorance is up, gang mentality is up, looking the other way is up. Be it someone getting bullied, a blind person trying to get across the street, someone on the side of the road with a flat tire, or a homeless person asking for some money for food, help out as best you can. Change the energy in this country from every person for themself to every person is important in this country.

Nothing feels better than volunteering your time and expertise for a cause that you care about. There are plenty of organization in need where your contribution will be appreciated and so will you. That’s one of the quickest pick-me-ups for immediate effect.

Stop Being Bullied


Register To Vote And Vote!

Why? Lots of people have fought, died, emigrated, and dreamed of the right to vote in and for this country. It’s the only way government by the people, for the people will survive. Take an interest, review the issues, make a choice, and vote. The next big election is in 2 years, not 4, when we elect members of Congress, where the real power is.

How to Register to Vote

Make A Donation To Planned Parenthood!

Why? This organization has provided high-quality, affordable cost healthcare for women for 100 years and counting. Every service it provides is LEGAL.

Planned Parenthood

Support the ACLU!

Why? This is the organization that has a staff of hundreds of lawyers who go to battle to protect your individual rights under the constitution when threatened.


Buy A Subscription To The New York Times!

Why? Our right to free speech and freedom of the press is guaranteed by the constitution and our President-Elect would like to silence it’s criticism of him. A great protest would be to support national newspapers such as The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times.

The New York Times

Sign The Petition To End The Electoral College!

Why? The U.S. spends dollars and lives to help foreign nations organize democratic elections where the winner is chosen by popular vote, and we don’t do that ourselves. The Electoral College is antiquated and no longer serves it’s original purpose. Hillary Clinton won the election. Donald Trump won the electoral college. Once again, the American people didn’t get the person that won the most votes as their President-Elect. That alone will cause a lot of Americans to never vote again. Make every vote count for real! And yes, I’d feel the same if the results were reversed.

Sign The Petition Here

Call Your Congressional Representative and Senators!

Why? Because it’s their job to represent you. Don’t write, Call. Staffers must answer and return calls as part of their job. Tell them what you think and how you feel about policy and bills coming up for election. Call on them to help you solve problems that are in their power to solve for you.

My Senator to the Rescue Story

Once I had an issue with the post office. They damaged a package and it’s contents which I insured for thousands of dollars. It took them months to process the claim. Until I called my Senator and asked for their help. Next day, I got a call from the post office and the woman said “Please tell me exactly what you want me to do so I can get this Senator off my desk”. Check was in the mail that day.

Call Your Congressperson

Find Your Congressional Rep

Find Your Senators

Join or Organize a Peaceful Protest!

Why? It’s your right to peacefully protest and it works. Nothing gets attention like a huge crowd of people united in peaceful self-expression. Free press, free social media coverage.  And don’t block the freeways or public transpo!  Like-minded people need to get to work, too.

Free Speech Protest Guide

Disengage from Negative Energy!

Why? Negative energy is bad for your mind, body, spirit, and our collective consciousness. It’s easy to get sucked down into low level energy when you’re bombarded with it in a feed or on the television. Or when someone starts judging and criticizing you or your beliefs. Catch yourself early. You’ll know you are in the presence of a negative vibe because you body will feel it first. Your stomach may feel like it fell, your chest might hurt, you may feel a stabbing pain in your back, or a sudden headache or nausea may be experienced. Maybe you feel unsafe and want to run away or get out of the room you’re in. You may feel disgust or even smell something rancid around you. Believe it. Trust. You’ve been slimed with a hit of negative energy. Disengage with whoever or whatever you are engaged with when that negative vibe hits you by walking away and turning it off. Reset yourself to positive thinking and surround yourself with positive experiences. It takes about 5 positive experiences to neutralize a negative one, fyi!

Check yourself – are you causing the negative energy? Are you having trouble controlling your anger? Try the tips in the following link for immediate relief of temporary anger management.

Tips For Managing Anger

Random Acts Of Kindness!


© Lisa Rose Lodeski, Starfruit, 2016

© Lisa Rose Lodeski, Starfruit, 2016

The day after the Election, I drove down to Honaunau to jump into the ocean off the lava field near Place of Refuge.  I parked the car, put my $5 bucks into the donation box, and started to walk to my favorite spot.  “Aloha!”, the parking lot attendant said to me.  “Take some!”  He pointed to a big box filled with Hawaiian starfruit.  “I can have one?”, I asked.  “Ya, you can have what you need, take!”  People were walking around Hawaii shell-shocked and in need of some kindness.  This man had picked all his starfruit that morning and brought it down to the beach.  He didn’t discriminate by asking who you voted for first.  He just performed a random act of kindness.  I followed his lead every day since and it’s helped. Try it.

Yes, I know, this last one is number 13!  That’s called a “baker’s dozen” where you give one more in case one doesn’t work out.

Feel free to share this with anyone you know who may benefit from my suggestions.