Hello!  I’m Lisa Rose, a Soul Coach, Intuitive, and Reiki Master.

How I Can Help You

Soul Coaching

If you’re looking to create a more spirited, soul-satisfying life where your soul is the pilot and your intuition the guide, you’re in the right place.  As a soul coach, I help you re-discover your soul by creating a Soul Blueprint that reveals your soul’s qualities, characteristics, values, gifts.  You’ll also learn about your soul’s point of origin, and how the choices your soul has made in this life created your experiences.  In particular, you’ll understand which choices created blocks or restrictions to living your best life and how to make new choices in alignment with the essence of your soul for an easier, more fulfilling life.

Soul Coaching is a 90-day custom program that begins with creation of your Soul Blueprint and the first coaching session helps you to practically apply the knowledge and wisdom of your soul to your current life.

I also offer a Soul Blueprint separately without a coaching program.  This is a one-time appointment where I create your Soul Blueprint in advance of the appointment.  Learn more here:

Soul Blueprint

Most of my clients work with me on Zoom, so wherever you are in the world, we can work together.


As a master Reiki practitioner in Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki, I offer both services and training.

Distance Reiki Services

In-person Reiki Services

Reiki Training, from beginner to master levels.

You can schedule Reiki sessions directly under appointments.  Contact me for more information on Reiki training.


A Summer Break Is Good For Your Soul

August 5th, 2020|0 Comments

Remember returning to school after a summer break amazed at how friends had changed? Something was different; they were more authentic, comfortable in their own skin, and the arc of transformation seemed to accelerate with a long summer break; it's good for the soul.